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Many people mistakenly believe cheap generic Viagra is less quality than the original drugs from the companies - developers. This is not true. To start the medicine into mass production, pharmaceutical companies have to spend millions of dollars on the amount of clinical trials. Companies that manufacture generics, are a ready formula, saving up to 80% of funds for scientific research, medicine immediately launch into production.

This medicine can help most men, if taken as prescribed by a doctor. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra - not for everyone. They are intended for use only in men with erectile dysfunction.

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Erectile Dysfunction

According to statistics, men over the age of 40 years, often suffer from disorders in their sexual lives. In medicine, there is a definition of this type of disorders - erectile dysfunction. This term refers to the inability to achieve or maintain a sufficient erection during sexual intercourse. As with all diseases, violation of potency caused by a number of certain factors. But unlike many diseases, sexual dysfunction is treatable. The main difference between this disease from other diseases - patients are very difficult to admit its presence and describe the symptoms.

Very often the cause of such disorders can be psychogenic factors that are related to the emotional state of the person. Therefore, under conditions of stress and depression can provyalyatsya disturbances in sexual life. However, most often lead to dysfunction of organic cause - chronic diseases, diabetes mellitus, genital mutilation. In men older than 40 years old is one of the causes of diseases of the vascular system. The main representative of such diseases can be called atherosclerosis. Tie it to the development of lipid metabolism disorders (increased cholesterol levels), violation of the state vascular wall (varicose veins of the penis). For many men, reduced potency means the loss of male power. That is why the potency deterioration inevitably leads to problems with self-esteem. Often, to prevent problems with potency helps understanding of the scientific reasons for this phenomenon: at the time of sexual arousal penis gets too little blood. This type of disorder before it was decided to refer to the concept of "impotence". However, the term "erectile dysfunction" is now more commonly used.